Vegan weight loss | Top 5 Vegetarian diet plan for weight loss

Vegan Weight loss meal plan

Hey Veggies, If you are a vegetarian who is trying to loose fat & reduce fat then make better food decisions & loose faster. In this article I will talk about top 5 foods when it comes vegan weight loss.

Vegetarian Diet Plan

You need to understand these two golden rules when it comes to vegan diet plan for weight loss.

  1. Cut Sugar – It is the biggest enemy in your fat loss journey.
  2. Aim to build muscle – More lean muscle mass you get on, the faster will be the weight loss journey. If your goal is fat loss then your job has to be to put on some amount of lean muscle.

Lean muscle you put on the better your metabolism gets and the better your metabolism gets, the faster your job will get done.

Select those food items which will help you to put on lean muscle mass.

These are top 5 vegetarian food that will help you in weight loss.

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1. Paneer

Paneer is the best vegetarian source of protein in the world. There are two kind of proteins.

  1. Plant Protein – These proteins you will get form pulses.
  2. Animal Protein – These are complete protein. And this protein is what we require to put on lean muscle mass very fast as a human being.

The nutrition of Paneer depends heavily on kind of milk used to make it. People might argue that Paneer is high fat source but its only high fat if you use full fat milk that is whole milk.

If you use whole milk to make Paneer then you have 23 gm of fat & 23 gm of protein in 100 gm of Paneer. But if you use skimmed milk to make Paneer you will be getting 24 gm of protein and only 1 gm of fat in 100 gm of Paneer.

You need lot more skimmed milk to make a Paneer.

Click Here – If you want to know how to make a Paneer

2. Smarter Buys

A lot of companies fool you into believing that their products are healthy but if you read and understand the nutrition like Carbohydrate, trans fats etc. you will realize that lots of these are not that healthy. Avoid those companies that are trying to sell false products.

A lot of health food startups & lot of health food products are now coming in market. One of the companies like Grow Fit. Their products are source of complete protein. They have got high protein flour, low carbohydrate aata (flour), few keto friendly things for keto friendly vegetarians and they also make high fiber, high protein cookies and bunch of other products.

You can find their products here:

Companies like Grow Fit are taking Indian health in right direction and making vegetarian weight loss much easier.

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3. Soya Products

It Includes soya chunks, tofu and everything in the middle. For some reason Indians are very afraid of embracing because what we have been told that Soya products affects your hormones, that in girls they give manly outcomes, but the truth of the matter is that science doesn’t bat on any of these claims.

Soya does not affect your hormones. Embrace soya as a source of high protein & carbohydrate.

4. Wheat

A lot of food habits on bodies and digestive systems react on food depends on our ancestor’s food and our ancestors since forever took lot of wheat rich products. It is the part of Indian diet. Wheat products like roties, upma are very healthy carb source and very healthy protein. Very important for vegetarians to build muscle mass.

1 Roti has 20 gm of carbs and 4 gm of proteins which is not less for a vegetarian source of protein.

5. Mixed Dals

Keyword ‘Mixed’. You need to remember that to build any form of muscle; your body require 9 essential amino acids for optimal growth.

Animal protein are complete source of protein. It has all the 9 essential amino acids.

Plant proteins like dals (Pulses) are not complete protein they don’t have all the 9 essential amino acids. Different plant proteins have different proportions of those amino acids.

Your job as a vegetarian trying to put on lean muscle has to vary up plant source proteins. One way of doing it is to change the dal (pulses) you are eating every day but the easiest way of doing it is that when you are cooking dal every time just mix a bunch of dal and cook them.

This one food hack in long way helps you to put on lean muscle in optimal way. Just follow all the above vegan diet weight loss steps.

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I hope now you clearly understand the diet chart for weight loss. Share your thoughts by putting comments on it.

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