Eat what you like and stay fit – Cheat Meal Diet Advice

Real fitness is a long-term concept. If you are in the process of loosing weight I am sure you are on a diet. I will tell you about cheat meal and cheat days concept where you can eat what you like without getting worried for your weight. Cheat days are crucial if you are on a diet in a long term.

Remember, a good diet is something you can follow for rest of your life but a crash diet you can follow for just a month or month and half and then give up. When it comes to long term dieting my personal opinion is that cheat days are like end goal of the week. Like eat clean now and then look for a meal that you can have it on Sundays. I feel every one should look at it.


This article is focused on how to go about cheating without getting fat.  How to maintain your weight and have fun when it comes to food.

First of all, you need to understand the caloric intake. The weight gain & weight loss is decided on how much calorie you consume in the entire day. Every single thing you are eating has calorie. You add all of them and if they are below your maintenance calorie level you will end up loosing weight. But remember when it comes to weight loss and fitness don’t consider the daily calorie intake. We consider the average weekly calories intake.

cheat meal tips

Let’s take an example:

Suppose your maintenance calorie level is 2000 per day so your aim is to stay below 2000 ideally every day. But obviously that’s not possible. That’s why we take average of the week. So, the average of all the 7 days calorie intake should be below 2000 and you will end up losing weight.

Some Practical tips:

Tip 1- Cheat meals are better than cheat days

Ideally, take two cheat meals in a week instead of taking one entire day of cheating. This boils down the concept of calories. On the cheat day you end up having fancy lunch or dinner that increases your calorie intake for the day which also increases your avg caloric intake a lot. But when it comes to cheat meals take few cheat meals and in rest of the days you can take low carbs and low-fat diets. This way you can balance your calorie for entire week.

Tip 2 – Timing of cheat meals

It is a super crucial aspect. We have seen so many peoples try cheat meals for dinner. You need to keep it in mind that you are trying to lose weight and you also need to know that as the day passes after sunset your body’s ability to utilize carbs for energy reduces. So, unless your cheat meals are just protein or fat try keeping it before night time. Ideally for lunch. Even better if you keep your cheat meals after workout. Remember, after work out your body utilizes food for energy. It’s also one time a day when sugar is ok for your body. So, make sure you keep cheat meals only after workout or ideally in the day.

Tip 3- Cushioning your cheat meals

Suppose your cheat day or cheat meals is on Wednesday then take Tuesday and Thursday to maintain average weekly calorie. Make sure that on those 2 days you go way below your maintenance calorie. So, basically it is super clean on rest of your cheat day and around your cheat days.

Tip 4- Avoid or minimize sugar

Remember sugar spikes your insulin then nothing else and that’s what primarily causes fat deposit in your body. If you can’t get away from sugar try to keep the desert after workout and don’t keep it with your regular cheat meal. If your cheat meal is for lunch, we ideally say do the cheat meal, go for a work out and when you come back take mall portion of desert. Don’t overdo it. Remember dessert is your biggest enemy if you are trying to lose weight.


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