Protein Supplement

Protein Supplements – Truth you need to know

Hey Friends, we all know that Protein supplements helps in building muscle. Let’s check some truth.

First of all let us look some benefits of protein shakes.

  1. They will help to put on lean muscle mass and burn off fat at the same time.
  2. For teenager they might even help to grow taller.
  3. Protein shakes are great if you are trying to lose weight.

Protein Supplement

Most people think that gym supplements might harm your health. But before coming to conclusion you need to do some research & get into the deep science of protein supplements.

There are some doctors who will tell their patients to stay away from protein shakes because that protein powder might harm their kidneys. I definitely respect doctors what they study or how long they study the subject but most importantly you need to understand doctors see the patient with a view to treating the disease not from a positive health and fitness perspective.

So, there are doctors who hadn’t adequately read up about the use of protein supplements. What goes into making a protein supplements, the advantages & disadvantages of using protein supplements and most importantly who should be taking them and who should not be taking them.

So let’s gets straight deep into the science of Protein supplements.

The most commonly used form of a protein supplement is Whey Protein and the primary raw material for a whey protein is Whey. If you are making Paneer from milk whey is the by-product that you get. So every time you are trying to make Paneer from milk, it is separated into the solid part that is Paneer and whey.

Info: Milk = Paneer + Whey

If you want to know how to make Paneer from milk read this article.

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This whey is put through a process of micro filtration where the solids are separated from the liquid part of whey.

Info: Whey + Micro filtration = Liquid + Solid

And the solids are used as the raw material to make whey protein. If you are someone who consumes milk at any point in your life you are already consuming a form of whey protein. That’s all it is.

It’s a concentrated form of milk that’s very high in protein content and it’s a very good quality protein. That’s the first thing you should know.

This whey protein is purified further. Flavors are added to it and then it is put into boxes and those boxes are sold to you as protein shakes.

Whey Protein

But unfortunately a lot of people associate the process of weight training and gymming with body builders who use anabolic steroids. These steroids are synthetically developed substances. They made in labs and those substances can harm your health. So a lot of people mix up whey protein which is just a derivative of milk with something like anabolic steroids which is a much more serious substance that can harm your health.

Now, who should be consuming protein supplements?

The short answer is that anyone who does any form of physical activity. Your age doesn’t matter your gender doesn’t matter. What you need to understand that if you are someone who is just sitting at home every day watching TV and not keeping body active. Firstly it’s horrible for health and secondly you might be able to hit your protein goal for the day through your home food. So in that case you don’t require protein supplements.

But, if you are someone who is into any kind of physical activity like walking, running, swimming or most importantly gymming where your protein requirement is way more than an average person then you need to use something like protein shakes to hit your protein goals every single day. Especially if you are a teenager, your protein requirement is higher than the average person.

It will benefit you in putting on lean muscle as well as growing taller but secondly if you are someone who is just taken up the process of weight training & taken up the new exercise regime, your body needs more protein than someone who has been in that exercise regime in long term.

For any newbies or anyone who is under the age of 21 protein shake should be your go to. It is completely safe even if you are a girl. It’s not going to make you put on weight. It’s not going to make you bulky. But it will help you burn off fats.

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Protein Requirements

Modern day research tells us that you need 0.8 g to 2.7 g / kg of body weight. So even if you are 70 Kg man you need about 56 g of protein and that’s a way more protein that we get through a daily Indian diet.

Contrary to popular belief dal isn’t enough protein and in order to hit the daily protein goal we need to consume eggs, paneer, chicken or soya chunks with every single meal almost.

But in most Indian houses we don’t do that. That leads to a lot of long term health problems. That’s why something like protein shake can benefit your health in a huge way in the long term.

Some people might argue that they don’t need protein shakes to hit their daily protein requirements and this is fair argument especially if you are a non-vegetarian. And if you are eating eggs or fish or chicken with every single meal you might be able to hit your protein goal without the use of protein supplement.

But hitting your protein goal easily isn’t the only advantage of using whey protein.

Biological Value Scale

The other big advantage is the biological value of whey protein. What is the Bio value (BV)? BV scale is a scale use to rate proteins. It represents how well your body absorb a particular protein and use it to build lean muscle mass.

BV Scale was made using whole organic eggs as a reference and that’s placed at 100. But in the modern days we only have access to processed eggs and they are rated as about 94.

Beef is rated at about 74 and fish is rated at about 76. But whey protein is rated at about 96.

Protein Chart

Image Source:

That’s put it at the better BV value then all these of the protein sources. That’s why it is very beneficial for someone who is trying to build lean muscle mass.

And keep in mind that lean muscle mass does not mean body build muscle. It means muscle mass just stay healthy.

And the other huge advantage of protein shakes is that they are very convenient to get your protein goal. Why? Because every single protein shakes has at least 25 g of protein that is the equivalent of 4 whole egg.

Instead of having 4 eggs omelette you can just consume protein shake. You are drinking it and getting all that protein in one shot. It is very useful for working professionals and students.


1 egg = 6.5 g Protein

4 eggs= 26 g protein

1 Scoop whey protein = 25 g Protein.

Enough Advantages. Now we will also talk about some disadvantages

Disadvantages of using whey protein

Disadvantage 1 – A lot of people think that the consuming whey protein you are automatically causing your body to create kidney stone inside your kidneys. The science of kidney stone is that they formed because of the high uric acid level in your blood stream.

Yes, protein does play a role in increasing the level of uric acid in blood stream but you can counter that by consuming a lot of water. As long as your water intake is in place you are not going to have high uric acid level in your blood stream.

If you are consuming chicken, eggs, paneer all day and then you consume protein shakes and along with that you are also dehydrated most of the time, you are not giving your body enough fluid to flush out all the access uric acid and that’s how it leads to the formation of kidney stone in long term.

Info: – Dehydration + High Protein Diets = Kidney stones

So take care of your hydration levels. How will you take care? Just look out the colour of your urine. If your urine is clear most of the time then you are in safe zone.

Disadvantage 2 – The second disadvantages of using protein shakes and keep in mind that there is no scientific research backing behind this claim but some dermatologist do believe that protein shakes has a role to play in the development of adult acne.

So, if you are a teenager or in early twenties, some people get acne breakout after they start using out protein shakes. There is no research that says one to one link between whey protein & adult acne.

But there is a research that shows one to one link between the use of access dairy and adult acne and at the end of the day, protein shakes is a very concentrated form of dairy.

So if you are someone who gets a lot of acne breakup and you can’t figure out why you are getting acne breakouts may be quitting protein shakes for a while might be a solution.

Few FAQs

  1. When and how should I consume protein shakes?

If you are just someone who is consuming one scoop of protein, have it immediately after your workout with water. But if you can consume two then go for it. You can consume it for breakfast or just before bed time with milk or curd.

  1. Do I consume them on rest days when I don’t go for exercise?

 Yes, absolutely. Irrespective of your activity level, if your goal is to build your lean muscle mass your protein requirement every single day stays the same.

  1. Should I use shakes without gymming?

Yes, you may if you can’t hit your protein requirement with your everyday food. Also remember if you are doing any kind of physical activity you need to back that up with enough protein.

The More protein you add to your diet the more lean muscle mass you will build and the more lean muscle mass you build the higher the metabolism you gets.

  1. Can I buy the protein shakes once and then I never use it again?

 Yes, you may because Initially when you just start out your weight training journey, you do  need that little extra bit of protein as compare to someone who is doing weight training for a longer time.

Even if you are a teenager remembers that little extra bit of protein might actually help with your overall growth.

If you are going to start using protein shakes the best results will come after a year or two if you are consistently using it.

Look at protein shakes from a budget perspective. Try Investing in a good quality protein that you can afford to buy every three months or so. What’s the good price in India – About Rs. 5000/- around that range is good price of protein.

So, Protein shakes are completely safe unless you are at some kind of very serious kidney damage in the past.

Thanks for reading it.

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