Loose weight without Exercise | Most effective way to loose Weight

How to loose weight fast at home without Exercise


Wanted to loose weight? But not Interested in doing exercise. You can easily loose weight without exercise.

Remember how you look & your weight primarily depends on diet you follow. Exercises definitely help you a bit. It’s about 20% or 30% of overall weight loss journey but primarily the fastest way to lose weight without exercise is dependent on your diet that you can follow easily and you can loose weight at home.

How to loose weight

Weight loss without Diet and Exercise

2 Ground rules you need to follow.

1. Diets & Dietician – These all are things of past, but in true, weight loss is not about following a fixed meal plan. It’s about knowing food science & making better choices. And also understand that you are living and already grown up in a time when junk food, desserts & delicious food is all around you. If you want to lose weight successfully then you have to incorporate those factors.

You can’t follow a diet unless it is actually a fun diet to follow. If you want to lose weight in long term then you only be able to stick to a plan if you are also enjoying it along the way. That’s the idea to promote it on this website. Your life has to be a balance of fitness & fun.

2. Caloric Input & Output – Your calories out need to be more than calories in on every single day till the point you reach to the target. You constantly need to create a calorie deficit every single day.

Speed of weight loos is decided by a scale. On one side if scale is the easier version of weight loss, you are able to lose weight very easily and you don’t have to make that many sacrifices. You don’t have to follow any rules. You end up losing about 0.5 kgs every single week that’s a very healthy way of losing weight.

As you move up to scale and you reach to the end of the scale which is slightly harder version of weight loss you have to follow the certain protocols, some rules, diet plans, which make it a little bit difficult for you which ask for little more sacrifices from your end.

It’s entirely your call which level of scale you want to take up.

But if you take these 5 levels plan then it will also consider 4 other levels. It all depends entirely on your mind set.

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Level 1

Sugar – At this level, we will talk about sugars but more specifically desserts. Begin your weight loss journey by cutting your sugar or minimizing desserts. Why? Because it’s got sugar which is an addictive substance which creates same type of reaction which cocaine does.

No to Desserts

It got dirty carbohydrates like Maida which is not meant to be in your system and third reason that any desert has lots of fat added to it. Remember saying in the cooking world that fat is flavor, so when you add butter to it that’s what makes the dessert delicious and people enjoy.

So if you want to lose your weight just cut or minimize desserts.

Level 2

Veg Junk food – Cut out vegetarian junk food. Why did I say vegetarian not non vegetarian because eating not veg junk food, you will get at least some protein macros.

Some of the calories that you are consuming are protein but if you are eating just vegetarian junk food like pav bhaji, sev puri or pani puri etc. its primarily refined carbohydrate along with lot of unhealthy fat.

No Junk Food

So if you are vegetarian and you like eating out site then your protocol is to eat lots of Paneer related dishes. This way you will get protein content. Always try to fill in your daily calories with protein.

Level 3

Simple Carbohydrates – Replace all the simple carbohydrates with all the complex carbohydrates.

I have list down some simple & complex carbohydrate items. Have a look below:

Low GI Carbs (Complex carbohydrates) High GI Carbs (Simple carbohydrates)
Brown Rice White Rice
Whole wheat, Jowar, Bajra Flour/ Maida
Sweet potatoes Potatoes
Semolina/ rava Bread
Multi Grain Bread  

Suppose, if you enjoys white rice you will need lot of white rice to make you feel full but when we compare to complex carbohydrate light brown rice that includes husk of the rice, it fills you with much more smaller amount and fewer calories and it is harder for you to digest. That’s way you end up eating less calories.

If you replace all simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates you will observe that your energy level are much higher and most importantly you will see change in body composition. Why? Because effectively you are consuming less calories but feeling full.

Before we get to the next level keep in mind that up to  level 3 is the protocol you can follow up to your entire life. If you follow these above rules you will almost never put on excess weight.

“You can eat unhealthy, and still not get fat – If you are smart about it.”

Level 4

Paleo Diet – You might have heard about Paleo diet. It’s an American concept. I don’t believe in that entirely but do believe in Indian Paleo.  So what is Paleo diet?

 Paleo Diet

  • Low Carb
  • Avoid wheat
  • Avoid Rice
  • Avoid Grains
  • Eat Proteins
  • Eat fruits & veggies
  • Eat Dal

You will include meat, veggies & fruits and in the diet. You can start with fruits for breakfast and throughout the day you can have veggies and anything except for carbohydrates.

Level 5

Keto Diet – Moving on to next level the ketogenic diet. Because it is an effective weight loss diet. Lots of people think that keto is not good and healthy. A keto diet is once again a very low carb diet.

Net carbs can’t be higher than 20gms a day. You will get it from green leafy vegetables and this should be the only source of carbs in your diet for the entire day.

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Remember, if you take up the keto diet then it can be absolutely life changing and it can make you lose weight very rapidly.

Now I can assure that you will not think can i loose weight without exercise?

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