How to Make Paneer | Make Paneer at Home

How to make Paneer?

When you are talking about rich source of protein the first name will come is Paneer. In fact it is India’s biggest contribution to the world of fitness. It is a super high end protein cheese. It is easily available in the market but do you know how to how to prepare Paneer at home

This article will tell you how to make Paneer from milk.

Take lots and lots of milk. Now depending on type of milk you will get different results. Just take regular packet of milk not whole fat not skimmed. Higher the fat content of milk the more Paneer you will get from 1 liter milk packet.

Higher Fat = More Paneer


The first step is just to get all milk inside a milk container. Regular milk will give you 100 gm of Paneer in 1 liter. Get your container on high flame & bring all the milk to boil. Once your milk is nice & hot the recipe can go with one of 4 ways mentioned below.

  1. Lemon – One lemon will do the job for about 2 liters of milk.
  2. Regular Kitchen vinegar – 2 caps for 2 liters.
  3. Homemade yogurt/ curd/ dahi – 1 cup for 2 liter
  4. Whey – close to 500ml whey for 2litre milk

Our job is to separate the solid part of milk from the whey and this can be done using something called food acids.


Now next big this is salt. Take little more than a tea spoon of salt for 2 liters. Put it in the container & mix it up. This is also a great point to put flavor if you want flavored Paneer.

Just bring it to boil. Keep it on medium high flame. Within about 5 minutes you will see protein separated from whey.

Protein Seperated

For next step these are bare essentials you need.

  1. Starting with a stainless steel container. Ideally it should be round.
  2. A sieve that should fit in stainless steel container.
  3. A cheese cloth or a very thin cotton cloth just to help to separate whey from protein.

Put cloth on top of sieve. & finally go in with liquid.


At this point be super conscious. Don’t burn yourself. You will see your Paneer is ready.

Remember Paneer is an open game field. You can do whatever you want with it. Make different Paneer dishes & Enjoy.

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Thanks for reading it.

I hope now you come to know how to make Paneer at home. Share your thoughts by putting comments on it.

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