How to look stunning – 8 Fashion secrets to look Fit

Hello Everyone,

We all wanted to look stunning but don’t know how to dress better.

Let’s get straight into it. I am going to give you some easy tips & some easy hack.

Secret 1

Find a Tailor

Your tailor is your best friend. Find a tailor which can help to you with your clothes. He can enhance your clothes to make it more stylish.


Modify T-shirts

Reduce length of sleeves of your T-shirts till above your biceps. It should not be so small to look like more feminine or not so long that it doesn’t show off your body. Just show off your body a little.

White T-Shirt

Tighten it Just right amount – have little space so that you can pull your t-shirt but overall you can keep it skin hugging.

Modify Pants

You have to understand that style trends on pants keep changing and for current trend since 2012 onwards are narrow based pants. You might have seen that your chinos or jeans look much more stylised if they have narrow base. Around the ankle it should be fitted.

Just like how a tight sleeves show biceps, tight and narrow pants enhance your butt. If you are someone who wears baggy jeans, it’s Ok. But fix those baggy jeans by narrowing just the bottom. Find yourself a good tailor and just narrow it to enhance your bum.

Secret 2

Correct Size

Huge mistake that so many fit Indian guys make by selecting wrong size.  If you are some one who goes to the gym, I am sure you would like to show off your muscles. It’s a natural thing for any Gym goer. But In the process of showing off, lots of guys wear extra tight clothes.

I completely understand the concept of showing off your body. You wanted to show off your hard work in gym. That’s the intention you are going with, but people look at you wearing extra tight clothes they don’t perceive you like that. They perceive you as – “His clothes are extra tight. Ok bro we know you are working out”. But that kind of makes look insecure. It gives out an insecure vibes. That’s what you need to remember.

It’s a big fashion mistake people make. Always leave a little bit of room for some breathing space. Try the size you think it fits you and try smaller size. Go for slightly smaller sizes that hug your body and that enhance your natural physique.

Secret 3


Do not underestimate what a collar can do to the overall look of your t-shirt. Lots of guys make this mistake of only wearing tight round neck t-shirt because they want to show off their arms on every outfit they are wearing. But keep in mind that just changing up a little bit can goes miles in showing off your body.

How? We will talk about V-neck. V-neck creates an illusion in the people’s mind that your back is also V tapered. So if you want to look a little bit of buff then you actually go for V-necks more often.

Secondly, we will talk about collars on top like polos and shirts. Remember when people are looking at you they are not looking your abs or your chest first. They will see your face. And your neck compliments your face. So if you want to make your face look more muscular try making your neck look muscular through collars.

A lot of guys don’t go for shirts thinking that it doesn’t enhance the muscle in any way. But that’s a big style mistake. If you buy yourself a good slim fit shirt then it’s nothing as sexy as that. It enhances your back, chest and shoulders.

Tip: Girls usually like shirts way more than any kind of t-shirts.

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Secret 4


In this category we will talk about pants and how to select pants. Three categories – if you are slim, if you think you are overweight and if you think you are fit.

The rule to buy pants for fit guys is to buy it according to your thigh size. It should not be either lose or tight. It should be well fitted on your thighs. Even If it’s loose up on waist and fitted on thighs then also go for it. Use a belt for it.

Black Pant

If you are someone who is skinny, then try buying straight cut pants that enhances the volume of overall legs. Don’t go with slim fit pants because it enhances your thinness of your legs and that’s not something which is very attractive.

If you are overweight don’t make the mistake by going to super tight pants or super loose pants. You can go with regular fit or straight fit. That is narrow at the ankle. Just narrowing it at the ankle does a lot with your look. Keep it in mind.

Secret 5


The rule with shorts is that do not wear baggy shorts whatever the situation is. Baggy shorts are complete style mistake. Wear straight cut shorts that just do body hugging not tight again.


Secret 6

Slim fit Shirts

There are two fit shirts – Regular fit and slim fit shirts. Slim fit irrespective of your built will enhance your look. Even if you are super skinny then also I suggest you to go for it. A dark shade slim fit can do a lot on your overall physique.

Slim Fit Shirt

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But if you are a fit guy go for stretchy slim fit shirt. Not only it does enhance your physique but also looks very classy and it’s very versatile. You can wear it for lots of occasion like party, clubbing, If you are just going out for a casual lunch or you can even wear it on some formal occasion. But my point is that this is where the question of investment comes in. The harsh truth is that the best kind of shirt especially the slim fit or stretchy one are little bit on expensive side like 2000/- or so. Keep that in mind.

At the same time if you want to make an investment at great clothing go buy a stretchy slim fit shirt which will enhance your physique.

Secret 7

Small patterns

In this second last fashion tip we will talk about really tiny shirt patterns. It will work for any guy in general. Why? Because they have little tiny detailed patterns. Because those patterns are so tiny and so detailed they enhance your whole body. Your shoulder, your chest, your back ends up looking much wider then actually it is. Thanks to those little patterns.

So if you are going on a date and if you wanna enhance your physique a little bit. Impress the lady with the shirt on and also look stylish at the same time.

Go for pattern shirt that you can tuck in or tuck out. It’s in fashion right now.

Secret 8


Last but not the Least. My final point is not fashion related. It is just a quick fitness tip. Remember when people meet you first time; in the first impression of you they first don’t notice your chest, your back, your legs as much they notice your arms.

If you wanna enhance your physique and if you are not someone who goes to a gym. Just do a little bit of biceps work, little bit of triceps work and definitely do forearms work.

It’s just a basic movement to enhance your arms even if you are not gym goer.

Just take basic pair of dumbbells at home and Work on your forearms a lot.


Thanks for reading it.

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