Hair Fall? – Avoid these habits. 10 best Hair Care Tips

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Hair fall is a very common problem. But if you take good care of your hair it will not go away too early. These are 10 daily habits that may ruin the quality of your hair.

1. Shampoo Selection

First of all we will talk about using the shampoos. Keep in mind something called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It is most commonly used chemical used in shampoo because it acts as a detergent for your hair.

But this kind of chemical is slightly harsh on your hair and it works fantastic in anti-dandruff shampoos. Only use anti dandruff shampoos once a week but for every other time when you are shampooing your hair you need to go for slightly milder shampoo.

Milder chemicals like Sodium Laurel Ether Sulfate are ok even if you use it more than once a week. If you want to wash your hair with mild shampoo that’s the chemical you should look in ingredients. But the best decision is using the shampoo that is sulfate free. Those kinds of shampoos are very expensive.  If you can afford it then use those.

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Mild shampoos: 2-3 Times /Week

Anti-Dandruff Shampoos: 1 Time/ Week

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2. Excess hair product usage

It’s a chemical you are putting in your hair. You can use it once in a while maybe you are going for a party but at the end of the day it’s a chemical that is not present in your hair.

That’s why use hair product only once in a while, once in two weeks or once in a month if you can. And every time you use it make sure you wash it correctly. Wash it off with water first. Apply little bit of oil and then shampoo your hair.

Remember all the hair products will come off your head through the process of washing it. If you are using hair products too much too often it will cause Hair loss.

3. Excess Sunlight

Sunlight is good for your skin and your hair. It gives you vitamin D. But long exposure in sun often is really not good for you. Why? Because sun is full of good stuff but it also contains UV Rays and those UV rays can destroy epithelial cells which actually help in your hair growth. So ideally if you are really care of your hair avoid harsh sunlight over the long period of time.

4. Sweating & Exercise

Sweat is great but down side to it is that it washes off all of your scalp natural oils. Second downside that sweats is the mixture of water as well as your body’s natural salts & proteins. The water might dry up but the salts and protein might crust up on you scalp or on hair that further dries up your scalp or your hair.

So every time when you do intense cardio session, every time you sweat a lot, try washing it off with a shampoo. Even better, schedule your shampooing session on the same day with the cardio session.

Bonus point – If you are ever swimming, immediately wash your hair after swim.

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5. Pollution

Something you can’t really avoid, But what you can do is that instead of choosing heavy hair products like gels, wax, something that catches pollution that affects your hair, you can go for slightly lighter hair products like serums. Lighter hair product can even help you to protect your hair from all this pollution.

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6. Give your hair a Break

It is as equally important as washing your hair with shampoo. Give your hair a break for 1 or 2 days when you don’t shampoo your hair. Only wash it with water.

Because life of your hair is the moisture present in your hair and the oil secreted by your scalp and your hair. And you need to give your hair and scalp sometime to recover.

It needs to produce those oils or it needs to retain all of its moisture for maximum health. That’s why ideally take a break once in a while. You don’t need to wash your hair every single day.

7. Blow-drying

Just the way shampoo rip out moisture, oils from your hair and scalp. Blow-drying does that but in a much stronger fashion. You can use it once in a while may be once in a month. But don’t use it too often. It absolutely leads to hair damage & hair breakage.

 8. Hair colour & Straightening

The absolute worst thing that you can do to your hair is putting it through any kind of chemical procedure or any kind of procedure to straighten it. Why?

Because whenever you are putting it through chemical procedure or even coloring your hair, dying you hair, the way it works is that hair dye ends up destroying the cuticle layer of hair that is outer layer of your hair that allows ink color seep inside the hair and color it into a different kind of color.

Similarly straightening procedure works in a similar way. It destroys the natural oil of your hair and spoils the quality of your hair in long terms.

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9. Diet and Lifestyle

Of Course it does affect your hair and skin. When we are talking of diet 3 things that you need to take care of.

  • Water Intake – Get your water intake done right. Make sure most of the time your urine is clear. It means you are hydrated and your skin and hair stay healthy.
  • Focus on protein intake – At least a gram of protein per kg of your body weight.
  • Get your anti-oxidants in – You mainly get anti-oxidants from veggies and fruits and ideally give priorities to veggies. For that same amount of your weight, veggies can give you lot more nutrition and lot more anti-oxidants and also very importantly you have to avoid smoking.

When you smoke you end up inhaling lots of toxins that is harmful for your follicle health. That means root of your hair that gets messed up because of your smoking process.

Stay away from it. It just doesn’t harm your hair but your lungs too .

10. Stress & Anxiety

It is the most important point of all. We are talking about stress & anxiety. The moment you stressed, the moment you are anxious your body eliminates its own cortisol levels. It is a stress hormone that promotes the process of aging.

 So it affects the quality of skin and quality of hair very badly and obviously may even cause hair loss in long term.

Easy to say, avoid stress, avoid anxiety and your hair’s health will be ok. But what’s the solution. The no. 1 solution to get rid of stress & anxiety forever is regular constant meditation. It will definitely improve your skin, hair and mind of course.

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