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Top 4 Secret Tips to remove Dandruff

Hello Everyone, Dandruff is a common problem now a days. We will discuss on dandruff removal and dandruff treatments can be done at home. But before we go further you need to understand that...

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Protein Supplements – Truth you need to know

Hey Friends, we all know that Protein supplements helps in building muscle. Let’s check some truth. First of all let us look some benefits of protein shakes. They will help to put on lean...


How to burn belly fat – Fitness Advice

Hi Friends When it comes to fitness or weight loss the first thing in your mind comes is to reduce belly fat. Unfortunately all of us are prone to depositing fat in belly. Where...


How to loose weight without Exercise

Hello Everyone, Do you want to loose weight? But not Interested in doing exercise. Remember how you look & your weight primarily depends on diet you follow. Exercises definitely help you a bit. It’s...

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How to make Paneer – A Beginner guide

Hey! Whats up guys! When you are talking about rich source of protein the first name will come is Paneer. In fact it is India’s biggest contribution to the world of fitness. It is...


Top 5 Vegetarian food for weight loss

Hey Veggies, If you are a vegetarian who is trying to loose fat & reduce fat then make better food decisions & loose faster. In this article I will talk about top 5 foods...

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